Hello there.

About me.

Hey Guys ,

It's me Jack.  I've been playing guitar since I was 9 and have been in love with making music since then. I have been involved with music in some way or another since that age.  I started fronting a band in Boston in 1999 called "Fingerbomb" which was a prog/metal/rock three piece which featured really intricate and self indulgent material.

In 2003 I was asked to check out an unsigned band called "Bayside" from NYC with a friend Jim Mitchell (who would ultimately join me in Bayside for a couple of years). We all met up and started touring in May of that year.  Here we are some 15 years later with a ton of released material and thousands of shows played. 

I have always loved music that is a little different. As a younger person I was really into metal and hard rock, and that turned into brit pop, and that into punk, and that into jazz and prog. The music that I am releasing now as a solo artist is really a mashup of all of the things I have grown up listening to and have been playing. 

I'm living in Nashville with my wife and daughter and I'm going to keep playing music until Im not allowed to anymore.  (probably will ultimately be physically limited at some point with all the surgeries I  have had to have on my neck and right arm).

Thanks for your support and thanks for even caring enough to be on this site and read this thing. Everyone could always be doing something different and that is not an idea that is lost on me.  

Im not the best at being a website guy, and my social media skills are not super advanced. These days I find it harder to be interested while I have a family that I really enjoy spending time with. I will keep this reasonably updated and will let you know when there are shows or other fun things happening.

Look forward to meeting you all maybe sometime.